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Day One Topical Cream - Wholesale

Day One’s goal is to bring the clarity and focus of new experiences into everyday life. With that in mind, we partnered with USA Pickleball to bring you a maximum strength CBD topical, specifically formulated for recovery, and so good that you’ll have to share. With 2,000 mg of high quality CBD in each tube, Day One gives you greater potency at an affordable cost. Combine your Day One x USAP CBD Relief Cream with the therapeutic benefits of massage to support your regular exercise routine and receive all the added benefits: mood improving endorphins, increased energy, and improved sleep.

Efficacious: (apply every 3-4 hrs to targeted areas):
Reduces inflammation with natural CBD
Soothes with hot and cold sensation
Moisturizes with natural shea butter

Minimally processed:
CBD, Menthol, Organic Essential Oil

Day One appeals to the active, fun loving, and community oriented. We love people of all shapes, sizes, and ages, much like the sport of pickleball, and want to get you back on the court as soon as possible. Train hard, recover fast, and add Day One to your wellness routine.

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