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Refreshing Your Life TM

We know what you’re thinking: “This drink is going to refresh my life? Yeah, right.” And we think your skepticism is valid. Drinking 12 ounces of Sparkling CBD Water alone will not “refresh your life.” Ultimately, it’s on you. The original idea behind Day One was to create a next-level sparkling water using natural ingredients like CBD and fruit juice. The result is a refreshing drink that can facilitate a balanced mindset and get you ready for your next beginning — whether it’s making it through Monday or getting that side hustle off the ground. Day One serves as your refresh-reminder that starting doesn’t have to be daunting.

Performance Fuel
for Real People

Think about all those glitzy ads you see for “performance” drinks: sports stars pounding glorified sugar water after they’ve exhausted themselves.

A couple things we know: 1) Most of us aren’t pro athletes, and 2) Real performance is an outcome of the before. So reaching your goals is a product of the process, heavily determined by your mindset early on. “Performance” to us is the work we do each day, the real work in the real world where there are far less trophies. We’re all on our own grind. A lot of the time the hard work is finding the right attitude and not letting the small hurdles prevent you from getting there.

We want Day One to serve as clarity in a can — your reminder that you’ve done it once and can do it again. So go ahead. Set the goal and crush it, then start over.

Confidence through humility

Some people are intimidated by day one. Starting over can seem scary: there’s nothing accumulated and not much precedent to go off of. But in life, day one happens all the time. The real expert “do-ers” are masters of starting over. They realize that change comes in waves, things are rearranged, turned upside down, reevaluated, over-analyzed, decisions are made by or for you, right or wrong.

Everybody lack confidence. – Kendriсk Lamar

And it’s not surprising! But those masters of getting to the goal realize that on day one, anything is possible. The beginning is about mindset, there’s no baggage or limitation. It really is up to you. So surf the change. If you stay balanced, you stay confident. Your mindset is a surfboard, Day One is the wax. Bet you no other CBD brand can top that surfing metaphor!

That's it.

All of this is what we’re about: making the most of beginnings. So we hope this introduction serves as a reminder for you next time you’re starting towards a new goal. When you need to refresh, try Day One.

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