Where To Buy CBD Water

Where To Buy CBD Water

What is CBD?

CBD is a term used for cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant but our bodies also produce it naturally. You can extract CBD from two strains of cannabis: hemp and marijuana. Marijuana is the stronger of the two so CBD extracted from marijuana tends to be stronger. CBD doesn't give you a high, however, as THC does. THC is the other compound that can be extracted from marijuana that gives you a high feeling. CBD doesn't make you feel high because it binds directly to the receptors in the brain, so it stimulates the neurotransmitters to produce more chemicals that make you feel relaxed, calm, and without pain. When CBD is extracted, it can be added to food, beverages, creams, tinctures and oils that all have beneficial effects

What is CBD water?

CBD water is water that has been infused with extracted CBD. It can be bought in sparkling water or flat and provides the soothing effects of CBD while also providing hydration.

Where can you buy CBD water?

When it comes to where to buy CBD water, the answer is everywhere. CBD water can be purchased at your local cannabis dispensary, a vitamin and supplement store, or online at shops like Day One where the CBD is mixed with sparkling water and natural juices to create a taste and experience like none other. The benefit of shopping online is that you can browse the products at your leisure, and have them delivered right to your door. If you live in the United States, then shipping from an online shop like Day One is free for orders over $50 to anywhere in the US.

What are the benefits of CBD water?

Now that you know how to get CBD water and where to get CBD water, the question is why should you get CBD water?

There are several benefits of CBD water including:

Helps you achieve peak physical performance

Research has shown that CBD can help muscles recover faster after an intense workout and drinking CBD water can give you that benefit as well as provide hydration that you will need after exercise. With many different flavors to choose from, you can stock up on as many CBD water cans as you like and always have one before or after your time at the gym, the track, or on the bike.

Keeps you relaxed and hydrated

CBD is well known for its calming effects and is primarily used to relieve anxiety sufferers and those who suffer from depression. Studies have shown that CBD oil when taken regularly can improve one's mood and reduce paranoia and depression.

Easy to ingest

Some people suffer from stomach upset when they take any kind of pill or tablet or don't like to put oil on the tongue. CBD water provides a delicious and easy solution to getting your daily dose of CBD without having to eat or drink anything unpleasant.

Helps with cognitive abilities

Studies suggest that CBD can help to improve memory and provide clarity of thought and relax the mind so it can think clearly and not be clouded by fear, anxiety or paranoia. CBD has also been tested with Alzheimer's patients with good results to help improve memory.

Helps with sleep

Sleep is a critical component to experiencing a clearer mind and healthier body throughout the day. No matter how much CBD you drink, if you don't get enough sleep, you will not be getting the maximum benefit from it. CBD provides a feeling of relaxation and calms the mind and nervous system, so you can rest and fall asleep.

Is easy to obtain

You don't need a prescription for CBD water, you can get it anywhere that sells cannabis products, but the easiest way to get it is to buy it online at stores like Day One. You will only have to wait for as long as it takes to ship to you without making an appointment or paying for a doctor's visit.
When you are looking for a soothing drink that will help you with aches and pains, physical performance, anxiety, or inflammation, then you need to give CBD water a try. With online shops like Day One, the selection of flavors is extensive, and it is quick and easy to make a purchase. If you buy more than $50 worth of CBD products, then shipping to anywhere in the United States is free. Give CBD water a try when you want to relax and feel no pain naturally.